Sandika Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was concieved by a group of dental surgeons who felt that certain formulations that they wanted to prescribe were missing in the market. This basic essence of SANDIKA'S existence still remains to fill in such voids prevalent in ethical dental practices.

Sandika Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1986 with a purpose to manufacture a few dental products like PROFLO, HEXIN, HYDROXYL Mouthwashes and TAN-X Gum Astringent, as a preventive measure for tooth decay and gum diseases.

Further, PYX - a medicated toothpaste for sensitive teeth was launched in 1992 and has been very successfully marketed and accepted ethically by doctors and patients alike due both its efficacy and taste.

Four years later, in June 1996, we launched yet another product called GEE-X - a pain relieving gel for mouth ulcers etc.

In August 1997, we launched two types of toothbrushes by the name of PYX PERIO - supersoft toothbrush for weak gums and PYX - SENSICARE - soft toothbrush for sensitive teeth.

PYX-G another medicated toothpaste for tartar control, was launched in 2002 for patients with tender gums.

Methexyl, a new oral gel was added to our range of products in 2004, with a new approach to managing periodontal conditions of the oral cavity.

Two more oral mechanical products – PYX PROXY FLOSS dental flossettes and PYX Interdental Tape were launched in 2006.

One more product- PYX PROXY CLEAN Interdental brush was added to our product range in 2007.

In 2008 we launched two more products specifically for our denture related patients – FIX-X Denture Adhesive and X-CLEAN Denture Cleansing Solution.

Another mouthwash was added in 2008 – PROFLO PLUS for sensitivity which is a supplement to our already existing anticavity PROFLO mouthwash.

ASTER-X mouthwash for plaque control was launched in 2009.

In 2010, we introduced a toothpaste for children with strawberry flavour called PYX KIDZ.

HYDROXYL mouthwash was relaunched with added flavour in 2014.

PYX SF toothpaste was launched in January 2015 for fast relief from sensitivity and remineralisation of enamel.